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A theme is a heart of an organization.

Theme is an idea that recurs in or pervades a work of art or literature.

At the commencing of an academic year we announce a THEME of the year our school will work and focus on. We define the meaning of the announced theme to the staff (teaching and non-teaching) and ultimately to our students.

As they say our future and future economy is in the hands of coming generations. The message conveyed to our children, by following a THEME in the entire year will be further portrayed to the families and ultimately to the society.

• Initially, we enlighten our students with the main objective behind announcing the said theme.
• Secondly, we explain different ways and types to work potentially on the theme. We demonstrate the theme practically to make the concepts clear.
• We also make students do the related experiments practically so that they remember the same throughout.
• We also adopt campaigns and survey method to spread the message of our THEME in our society.
• Our teachers, arts teachers and lab in-charge are always with the students while they perform these practical.
• Our staff members (teaching, non-teaching, admin and heads) also accompany our GEMS (students) during campaigns and surveys.


Essence of the THEMES our school has worked on, are on specific pages.